Stand Still

Gaze at the stone, anticipate quietly what is about to unfold.

What do you see?




Chasm? Caves?

Vast landscapes ? /Ghost towns? / Prehistoric beings? / Ancient humanoids?

You see what echoes in your dreaming soul, that yearns for a journey to the great beyond. You gaze into the far edge of the visible, into the ghosts of the true things.

Go with them… Begin your journey… Listen to the winds that can carry you away from the visible, into the depth of your memories, into the pathways that have been carved into you from the beginning, into the dream patterns within you that have been melted eons ago into images on a stone.

In this exhibition, the artist Joshua (Shuky) Borkovsky displays for the first time, photographs of a small part of his “Landscape Stones” collection. A unique and rare collection of items he has collected from around the world over the past decade. A collection of stones that were accumulated in the studio alongside the artist’s painting cycles, thus ‘becoming’  an independent cycle in itself, paralleling his “Dream Stone” cycle appearing in his work since the early 90’s.